Dialysis Program

Broward Rehabilitation & Dialyze Direct

Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is proud to partner with Dialyze Direct to provide our residents with staff assisted hemodialysis treatment options.

What Dialyze Direct Does:

Dialyze Direct provides staff assisted home hemodialysis treatments in skilled nursing/rehabilitation facilities. Using the most advanced NxStage equipment, the treatments are tailored to help patients get the most out of their time at the facility.

Research shows that patients being dialyzed in both shorter more frequent sessions have significantly improved outcomes in:

  • Increasing fluid removal
  • Reducing recovery times
  • Managing anemia better
  • Reducing blood pressure and medications
  • Reducing stress on the heart

These improvements have enhanced the quality of life and can help patients maximize their time at the facility.

What you don't get with other Dialysis Providers

Under the care of Dialyze Direct, patients will be able to dialyze in the comfort of our facility where Dialyze Direct can perform shorter, more frequent treatments, helping patients avoid the burden of tiresome traveling to an outpatient center.

Dialyze Direct's interdisciplinary team provides for every aspect of patient treatment and coordinates with our staff here at Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to help improve your health through detary recommendations and making the most of each patients rehabilitation stay.

How We Help the Patient

These results are only achievable through the shorter, gentler, and more tailored treatment model of home hemodialysis.

Treatments typically last two and a half hours, five times a week (pursuant to a physician's order), and recovery times can take just 30 minutes as compared with traditional dialysis, which can have up to a nine hour recovery time. This will allow patients to reclaim up to 20 hours a week of additional time for rehabilitation and activities at Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

dialyze direct

Our Goal

Dialyze Direct is invested in one thing, improving the quality of life. Everything about how Dialyze Direct does dialysis is informed by this priority and is their only measure of success. Their unique model of hemodialysis produces the best results for patients.

Patients didn't choose to go on dialysis, but they can choose how they get it, and that can make all the difference.

Quick Facts

  • Eliminate time, stress and energy spent traveling to outpatient facilities for dialysis.
  • No more bagged lunches at the outpatient facilities.
  • Experience the difference of better control of hypertension and anemia, less fatigue, fewer medications, fewer dietary restrictions, and fewer re-hospitalizations.
  • Treatment performed by experienced, highly trained professionals using separate, state-of-the-art machines for each patient.