Patients testimonials

With a heavy, aching heart, we are trying to find our lives back to a new routine without my father and my mother's husband. Vlimos (Bill) was a fighter to the end and will be remembered by all as a generous, kind soul who was devoted to his family and friends. The smiles, the laughter, and taking time to listen to his stories he shared will be missed. From the outpouring of family and friends, it is no doubt he left his mark on all those he met.

Through the help of devoted ccaretakes such as yourselves, your center help make the last couple months as comfortable as possible. Your staff made his days better and brighter through providing him quality care despite the diffculty we faced as a family, transitioning to assisted care. Helping him both medically and socially brought comfort to us, knowing he was being taken care of by dedicated professionals who treated him with love, diginity, respect and genuine care. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for us. Here's to the ones who went above and beyond with a smile and extended emotional support. We would appreciate you sharing our message with them as well.
-- Elizabeth & Robert K
Broward Nursing and Rehab Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida is an excellent facility that I would highly recommend. During my tour, I was able to observe some wonderful interactions between staff and residents. I also ate in the formal dining room, which was appealing to the eye and stomach. The rooms were well equipped and decorated, and included private rooms. I thought the food was beyond expectation I would recommend Broward Nursing and Rehab Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.
-- Patient
My writing to you is to inform you that I'm very very pleased with the services that my husband Johnny Reynolds is receiving. The Staff is more than excellent. I'll give them all a thumbs up. I have never met such loving, caring, and professional people before until I met all the Staff at Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. I'm always greeted with a smile, a hello, how are you today. That just makes my day! I've had some very tiresome days when I go to B.N.R.C. and once I'm there...I'm wide awake and ready to accept all the love that I know I'm going to get. I would recommend B.N.R.C.to anyone who's looking to place a loved one in a facility such as this. Long or short term...this is the place. All I have to say is...I couldn't be happier. Keep up the great work B.N.R.C. I'll rate you with a 5 Star or higher. I love you all, and I thank you all for your outstanding services.
-- Mary
I would like to thank all of the employees of the Broward Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and express my appreciation for all you have done to make my late wife Dorine´s stay at your facility as comfortable as possible. In the final months of her life, the professionalism and kindness made both our lives extremely easy and helped my family cope with her illness. Every employee she had contact with from the nurses, the aids, the physical therapists, the speech therapist, the dietary personnel and the servers, the social director and her assistants who conduct the Bingo sessions so well acted with her interest at heart. I especially wish to thank and commend the administration staff, the financial personnel, who made my effort to make the financial end of my problems a small and both pleasant personal endeavor.

With a terrible financial burden facing us, they greatly helped us get Medicaid and lifetime savings which kept my wife in this great institution and within my budget to do so. Everyone made my wife´s stay and my visits feel like it was a home away from home. Her room and the facilities were always kept clean and as enjoyable as can be for a place such as yours. A nursing home is not a place anyone wishes to end their lives in, but when assisted care became necessary, your facility was a wonderful place for my wife to stay for her last days. If the time comes for me to h ave to be helped when I can no longer take care of myself, I would feel grateful and privileged to be one of your patients. I know i will be in good hands.
-- Seymour
I need to write this letter to your group to say how heart felt and thankful I am that we found Broward Nursing. We came in September after two very poorly run facilities and of course expected your place to be better but we never expected SUCH an out pouring of love and care! My sister, Jo-Ann passed away December 17th. I want to thank you for making her last 4 months extraordinary. Even though I only knew the day crew and office staff, you should know you hired an outstanding group of people. One wonders how you do it! I will be singing your praises for years to come, good bless your efforts.
-- Paula
I would like to personally thank you on behalf of Walter Hill and his family for the care that you have given him since he's found a home with Broward Rehab and Nursing. We are indebted to your Center for the ongoing care and attention that you continue to provide to him. I would also like to say thank you for the consideration and due diligence that your caregivers exercised in that matter of moving my father to another room. We truly appreciate your compassion and understanding in regards to the issue, I cannot express enough how important this decision was for my father, his roommate/friend Don Schneider and our family; it truly would've been a difficult transition for all of us.

Once again, on behalf of our family, friends and loved ones and myself –I express our greatest gratitude for your care and attention. Kindly share this message with all that are instrumental in my dad's care and also those who were instrumental in allowing him to stay where he is - Nursing Admin (Rosie,Sabeen), Susan, Maggie, nursing and care teams on 2East that look after my dad on a daily basis...I apologize if I've missed anyone or misspelled any names. Thank you Broward Nursing & Rehab!
-- Miles Sawyer-Hill and Walter Hill's Family
Before I leave your cetner, I am compelled to thank your staff(s) for a most interesting stay. Your nurses, aids, and therapists work so dilegently to keep Broward running as smoothly as it does. In particular, I am grateful for Sabrina, Laurie, and Charlie for their comforting care. They constantly smiled when they visited my room, what professional women! Also, Latoya, Wilda & Hermine were so accomidating and made me feel very comfortable. Then come my kudos to your orthopedic therapists and your physical therapists. They showed me numerous ways to work on my sore left and consistently they were so very pleasent that is made therapy almost seem fun! My stay at Broward was so helpful. I suffer from depression and I was depressed when I entered your center. Yet 2 1/2 weeks later, I feel GREAT! I think your positive staff really contributed to my overcoming my depression. Thank you again to your staff and making my recovery such a joy!
-- Marilyn K